Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?


So if you haven’t heard of The Original Beauty Blender then well, have you been living under a rock? No it’s okay if you haven’t obviously. It’s essentially a twenty dollar sponge for your makeup. Yes a sponge costs $19.95. I’m all about splurging on higher end products but I mean that much for a sponge? I’d much rather spend that on lipstick. But I did purchase it awhile back because I wanted to know what all the beauty gurus were freaking out about.

You use this product damp and use it to apply foundation, concealer, cream blush or bronzer and even set your face with it. I did love this. It did make a significant difference in the way my foundation and concealer applied and looked. So I justified the purchase, but you must clean your sponge at least once and week and get a new one every two or three months. Sponges tend to latch onto bacteria easier than a brush would. So again the price really sucks.

Okay Heidi get on with it.

I like to find dupes for expensive or higher end products. Dupes are cheaper, usually found at the drug store or other alternatives. As you saw in my Everyday Makeup Routine I don’t use the Beauty Blender. I have tried at least three other sponges that look just like the Beauty Blender. I’m sure you’ve seen them at the drugstore. But they are awful! Every one I’ve tried has been hard, and doesn’t bounce on your skin like it should. It actually hurt when I would try to dab it on my face. So finding this dupe was a huge success! I found the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This only retails for $6.00 and I even like it better than the beauty blender. I use it exactly the same way, damp. I like that this sponge has diversity to it with the flattened edge. If I do my eye shadow before any base using the flat edge is great around my eye shadow. It gives me a nice crisp line without disturbing my eye look. It’s important to remember to keep this sponge clean as well as replacing it two to three months. Not as much as problem because it’s a fraction of the price.

How do I use it?

I like to run it under the faucet while squeezing it to make sure I get it thoroughly damp. Then I squeeze out the access water and I like to dry it with a CLEAN washcloth. (I like to have a dry washcloth when I’m doing my makeup for spot cleaning my brushes.) After I do all that I feel it’s ready to use. I have a little stand that it sits on by my brushes so it can dry and be ready to use the next day. It’s important for it to have a place where it can air dry, because it can attract mold if you don’t. It is worth all the work though trust me. Since the sponge is damp it picks up any unnecessary or access product. It really helps avoiding cake face and leaves you with an airbrush and flawless finish.

So is the Beauty Blender worth the hype? Nope! Not to me, the Miracle Complexion sponge is the best choice!!


4 thoughts on “Is the Beauty Blender worth the hype?

  1. Totally agree that the Miracle Complexion Sponge is amazing! It featured in a brush favourites post on my blog a couple of weeks ago. The finish it gives is amazing and like you I tried cheap alternatives but they were no where near as good. Haven’t tried the Beauty Blender and can sit happy knowing now I don’t have to as I have the best sponge already. Thanks 🙂


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