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My first semester of college taught me…

I’ve just finished my first semester of college as of today, and let me just tell you, my brain is fried. Finals week was definitely a stressful one and I’m glad it’s over. I have learned a lot this semester not just in my educational experiences but in myself.

My first semester of college taught me that living with a complete stranger can be like super weird but like super awesome at the same time. Living with someone new is not only learning about them but also learning a lot about yourself. There are many fears when signing up for a randomized roommate, some being along the lines of: Is she gonna like me? Are we going to get along? Will she be as weird as me, or oddly normal? Will she murder me in my sleep? Will she understand my really really really weird sense of humor? All of those fears are rational. But most of those fears are untrue. My roommate Caroline is pretty weird like me (although I think she thinks I’m too weird for her), we get along, she’s actually hilarious, and she laughs at my jokes. Maybe I lucked out and just got a great roommate or we learned how to actually form a cohesive living space. Your roommate isn’t going to be perfect and you won’t get along 24/7 but that’s okay, all that matters is the way you handle situations. Arguments or annoyances need to be settle immediately otherwise they’ll fester and create a bigger problem. Handle those with grace and kindness, because you’re going to be living with them for a year. It’s important to be open and honest with your roommate. Once you get closer to your roommate you can tell them what you really thought they were like just by judging their Facebook profile. For example I thought Carol (what I call Caroline to annoy her) would be like super weird and she thought I was a stuck up model. Both untrue and are very funny to laugh at because we’re neither. That’s the cool thing about living with her though, I can reuse old jokes to deceive her into thinking I’m actually hilarious (which I am but I’m trying not to be conceited here.) You shouldn’t let your fears hold you back from living with someone new, the experience and growth it will bring you is well worth it.

My first semester of college taught me that Chapel is essentially a time for the whole student body to join together to take a nap, otherwise known as Napel.

My first semester of college taught me that I am intelligent and I can kick school’s butt.

My first semester of college taught me that I earn every grade I receive and grades do not define me.

My first semester of college taught me that there actually is a town more boring that Pataskala Ohio.

My first semester of college taught me to make friends with purpose. In high school you hang out with the same friend group because that’s what you’ve always done. Not that those friends aren’t great but it’s more like you’re friends with them just because. You more than likely won’t talk to those friends once you reach college; because you’re able to pick more of your friends. High school friends are usually friends by chance. Sarah is my only friend from back home and she’ll be my bff forever but she is the only person I really talk to from high school. That’s okay because college is a time for transition. There are no friends that you hangout with because you’ve known them your whole life unless you go to OU (insert joke about all the kids from Pataskala going to OU here.) You have to pick you’re own friends in college, which I think is the weirdest thing but also like really cool. I’m not a super outgoing person, so making friends for me was actually a huge challenge. I enjoy spending time alone in my room reading, and that can cause me to become a hermit. I thought I could do it all on my own but of course I was very wrong. You need a friend in college. Someone has to be there to cheer you on, make you study, bring you laughter, and show you love. It was really hard my first month or so without having Sarah there. I needed a friend I could trust and be able to turn to when life got rough. I’m very blessed to have met Julia, I know she’s a forever friend. So pick your friends that you can see in your future wedding. Pick friends that encourage, support, and love you.  Don’t stick around with people who bring you anything less.

My first semester of college taught me that binge watching Netflix is only a good idea on the weekends.

My first semester of college taught me to avoid the caf at all costs and to live off peanut butter, hummus, clif bars and water.

My first semester of college taught me how detrimental stress can be to my physical, mental and emotional health. Handling stress is one thing I’m still figuring out and I think that that’s the case for a lot of people. Stress is almost always changing and seems never ending. There isn’t a way to really cut out stress from your life completely. It’s all in the way you either let stress take you over or you take over stress. The latter is recommended but hard. Still try to persevere because you can get through whatever it is that’s causing you stress. Show stress who’s in charge here.

My first semester of college taught me “wait what’s a social life?”

My first semester of college taught me that I made a good choice in going to a christian college. For me a secular school would have pretty much ruined who I am as a person now.

My first semester of college taught me to not care what others think about me. I really broke out of what I had always been. Here I can almost reinvent myself, so naturally my style got bolder and darker.

My first semester of college taught me to take school seriously because honestly your parents are doing an amazing thing paying for you education. The least you can do is to try your absolute best to make their money worth it.

My first semester of college taught me that I still hate working out (sorry Julia.)

My first semester of college taught me that this is a fresh start. My grades in high school weren’t the best because I dug myself into a hole freshman and sophomore year (don’t do that seriously.) College was comparable to a breath of fresh air. I didn’t have my previous years of school dragging me down. It was new, I was new, everything was new. Having that mindset made my first semester so much better.

My first semester of college taught me the mitochondria is the power house of the cell. Just kidding that’s actually the only thing I remember from high school.

My first semester of college taught me that the average height of an American female is 4’10 judging by the height of the shower heads.

My first semester of college taught me that I really really really missed my cats.

My first semester of college taught me to appreciate the little things that my mom does for me.

My first semester of college taught to study for A’s on exams and not just a passing grade.

My first semester of college taught or reminded me how challenging life can be for others and myself. Growing closer to the friends you meet is a cool experience. You get a chance to learn all about someones life and the hardships they’ve endured. It gives you a chance to revisit old memories while sharing them with your new friend. Which can either cause tears, laughs or maybe even both. You’re able to look at the memories that have shaped you as a person today and see what has shaped your friend. It’s actually been one of my favorite parts about this whole semester.

My first semester of college taught me that I am actually eighty years old. I’m in bed by 9:00 pm, I shush people when they’re loud and I wear a robe.

My first semester of college taught me that I should probably end this blog post now.



5 thoughts on “My first semester of college taught me…

  1. Being in a Christian college you know that everything you do, do it for the glory of God. After all, it is our beloved Christ in us that is moving us (In Him we live and walk and have our being). So proud of you, beautiful Heidi!


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