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Brows are sisters, not twins

Brows frame your face and complete a makeup look. It can take time for you to reach your desired brow shape, but here are some tips that can help you figure out that process: No over plucking! Eyebrows are one of the hardest things to grow back. What I recommend is to get your brows professionally waxed. Getting them waxed will give you the shape that you like best, and it’ll prevent you from trying to shape them with tweezers. In between waxes, you’ll more than likely have to pluck a few straw hairs.

Picking your shade?

I talked briefly in my Everyday Makeup Routine about the undertones of brow products. When selecting the best color to fill in your brows, a general rule of thumb is to go one or two shades lighter to you hair color if you’re a brunette, and one to two shades darker if you’re a blonde. If you have auburn hair there are products that are specifically for your hair. This of course is all personal preference, and you use what ever shades you think look best. If you don’t know, I have dyed my hair white blonde and I love the way dark brows look with my super white hair. I have no red undertone to my hair, obviously. So, I want to make sure that my eyebrows are void of all red undertones. Now it’s going to be hard if you’re in the drugstore picking out your shades, because the products aren’t like screaming red. It’s very subtle in the packaging, but when you apply it to your brows, you’ll see it. Especially if you’re fair skinned. When I first started with makeup three years ago, I always left my brows out. I never thought I needed to fill them in (I did, badly) but when I started I only had a brown pencil with the worst red undertone to it. It was awful. Going to Ulta or Sephora can be pretty pricey, but it’ll allow you to swatch all the powders, pencils, gels, and fibers.

How I fill in my brows:

First, I start with Anastasia Brow Wiz in soft brown. This is my holy grail when it comes to brows. This pencil is retractable and comes with a spooley on the opposite end. I start by using the spooley to brush all of my brows up so I can see the line under my brow. I’ll use the pencil to underline the bottom half of my brow. I use as little pressure as possible towards the front part, and then when I get about half way or to the arch, I’ll apply more pressure to make the tail darker. I then comb my brows back into place and line the top of my brow very lightly.

Second, I go in with Anastasia Brow powder duo in soft brown. I like to use a very precise angle brush for the powder to give it a more defined look. I use the darker side to fill in the tail and then dip into the lighter shade for the front part of my brows. I mix the two shades to fill in the middle of the brow to give it a faded effect.

Lastly, I finish off with Benefits Gimmie Brow in blonde. This has fibers in it to thicken up your brow hair. I mainly use this to set my brows to keep them looking perfect all day long.

That’s it! Just three steps that may or may not take me twenty minuets to complete. My high maintenance tendencies come out most when I’m doing my eyebrows. But can you blame a girl? Don’t we all want brows on fleek?


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