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Gift Guide for Mom

Gift Guide for Mom collage

Mother = Best Friend

It’s officially one week til Christmas eve and if you’re anything like me then you still haven’t finished your shopping yet. (*silently panics*) I still have quite a bit of people to shop for but more importantly my mom. Personally I have a hard time shopping for my mom (or birthgiver as I like to call her) because she gives us a list of literally three things. So I’m always on the struggle bus when it comes to picking out gifts that will surprise her. I made this gift guide to help you guys out if you wanna get your mom just one more thing and have no clue what, or if you don’t have any idea what to get her. Hopefully this helps!

Favorite perfume– Getting your mom her favorite scent is the easiest way to go. A woman can never have too much of her best perfume.

Face Mask– This is perfect for your mom whenever she wants to pamper herself. This mask by GlamGlow is a clearing mask, so it will work to pull out all the build up that clogs our pores. It is pricey but well worth it!

hope in a jar– Winter time can be horrible for those with dry skin and maybe even oily skin. The hope in a jar is for all skin types and it’s a deep moisturizer. I’ve also chosen the hands of hope for an extra strength moisturizer on the hands. Cracked hands in the winter are so painful but this will fix it right up!

Lip balm– This one by fresh is perfect because it’s an anti-aging lip treatment that repairs, nourishes, plumps, and smooths wrinkles around or on the lips. Again this is perfect for the winter months.

Robe– This white one is currently at Ulta as a free gift with any $40 fragrance purchase. So while you’re grabbing her favorite scent you can give her a two-for! Also robs are cozy and the ones from Ulta are super super soft.

P.J’s– My mom had been begging for this sleep shirt from Vicotoria’s secret for a long long time. So last year I was glad to finally get it for her. She absolutely loves it and wears it all the time!

Fuzzy socks– You can never have too many fuzzy socks, am I right? These ones from Target are only three bucks and they come in many different colors.

Candles– White Barn’s three wick candles are the best and you can never go wrong with getting your mom her favorite candle.

Coffee mug– My mom is an avid coffee drinker so I found this mug and it’s perfect for her! This website also allows you to customize what font you want on the mug as well as any designs you want to add.

Nook– Or Kindle both are awesome for your book worm mom. This gift is perfect to split the cost between you and the siblings. If you’re gonna splurge on anyone this year it should definitely be mom!

Mixer– I think any woman would love to receive the iconic KitchenAid mixers!

Chocolate– It’s chocolate, need I say more?

Anything homemade or DIY will obviously be loved by your mom. Hope this helped! Enjoy the Holidays!


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