Holiday Outfits

Holiday Grunge outfits

You can never be overdress or overeducated -Oscar Wilde

Christmas is only five days away and picking the right outfit for Christmas Eve parties, Christmas day, and even a Holiday party can be tough. There’s the decision between warmth and fashion, too dressy or too casual, and functionality over being uncomfortable. Personally I lean more towards fashion over anything but being comfortable is my second must. To pick the right outfit you need to know the rules of the house you’re going to. For instance shoes are not allowed in my house, therefor I’m not going to wear an outfit styled around my shoes. Then there’s the houses that do allow shoes but do you really want to be standing in heels all night? It’s important though to wear whatever makes you happy and comfortable. I’ve chosen four outfits that are very similar to my personal style but with adding a few of your favorite pieces will make the outfit all yours! So without further ado here are my Holiday outfit ideas:

Intergalactic Velvet– This dress has a very timeless silhouette that will look amazing on any body shape. I’ve pared it with some glitter tights to enhance the midnight blue of the dress. I kept the shoes simple with some black ankle booties to add some balance with the pizzazz of the tights. I also added NYX soft matte lip cream in Transylvania to add an extra drama to the outfit. Honestly any lip would look amazing with this look.

School Girl with a Twist– The school girl style skirts are coming back in style and I absolutely love them. I’ve chosen a simple pleated black one and paired it with a mock neck stripped satin top. Stripes are also making a big come back into fashion and not just tops either, striped everything. Styling stripes can be a bit intimidating especially with a statement piece like this top. It’s best to avoid pattern clashing so pairing stripes with a solid is usually your best bet. The skirt is simple yet the top amps it up. I added some plain black tights not only for warmth but because it really completes the rest of the outfit. They’re both thicker winter pieces so adding tights keeps it within the season. I picked some patent leather oxfords to stick with the whole school girl theme. Lastly I added a smoky rose lip to keep it cute and sweet.

Practicality in Plaid– If you’re not a fan of dresses, skirts and tights. Then this is the outfit for you. These pants are fashionable yet practical. They’re actually leggings but have the durability of pants. These are definitely statement pants so I tried to make them more wearable with a simple yet chic velvet front sweater. I paired these with some plain black doc martens to keep it casual, but you could honestly wear any black shoes with this look. I also picked a deep aubergine lip to add a little vampy sass.

The T-shirt Dress Classic– I went for the classic little black dress but switched up the silhouette to a T-shirt style dress that is super comfy. I spiced it up with some chunky leopard heels that aren’t too high and the chunk of the heel really makes them easy to walk in. Lastly I added a Christmasy scarlet red lip to keep the look classic and playful. This dress would look amazing with a huge statement necklace if that’s your style. (Clearly I am not much of  jewelry person.) You could add some black or patterned tights to change the look up and add some warmth but I thought I would keep it super simple leaving the legs bare.

That’s all! I hope you guys have amazing parties and eat lots of yummy cookies!

Let me know if you want more fashion posts!


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