Grunge Winter Lookbook 2014-2015

I always have a hard time picking an outfit during winter to keep warm. If you read my Holiday Outfit Ideas, then you know that I am way more likely to choose fashion over warmth. But sometimes, or most of the time, I want both. So here I’ve chosen five outfits that are warm and fashionable. I hope you can find inspiration from them! (The Choker I’m wearing with every outfit is my favorite piece of jewelry, clearly. You can find it here with other amazing pieces of handmade jewelry.)

Outfit 1



Jacket: Dads closet, Plaid shirt: Forever 21Stripped shirt: Brandy MelvilleLeggings: Target, Shoes: Doc Martens

The statement piece here are the velvet leggings. I made the whole outfit around them. I wanted to show that velvet leggings don’t always have to been worn for a dressy occasion, so I made this look really casual. I patterned-mixed with the stripped shirt and and plaid button-down to keep it grunge. Layering adds the warmth we need so I topped it off with my dad’s old jean jacket. Wool socks will also add warmth with the Doc Martens.

Outfit 2



Jacket: Forever 21, Top: Forever 21, Jeans: (similar) H&M, Shoes: Doc Martens

The faux fur jacket is clearly the “wow factor” here. Faux fur is a huge trend right now, so it’s an added bonus that it keeps you warm and up to date on the latest trends. Now, the jeans are sacrificing warmth for fashion but you could pair this jacket with any plain black jeans. I only wanted to show how you could make the jacket casual. I added a simple ribbed mock-neck cream top to tone the look down and some extra warmth. I love the idea of pairing pleather pants with faux fur but pleather pants, sadly, don’t do my body any justice. So if you can rock those, I highly suggest wearing fur with them!

Outfit 3


Sweater: Forever 21 (sold out), Baseball Jacket: (similar) Forever 21Jeans: H&M, Beanie: Forever 21, Gloves: Forever 21

Don’t you ever just want an outfit that you can throw on while still looking put-together, warm, comfy and cozy? This is the perfect outfit for that day. If you’re not feeling jeans, then throw on some leggings to make it even more comfy. The thick turtleneck sweater will keep you super warm, so a heavy coat isn’t really needed. I just chose a simple baseball jacket with some pleather sleeves to add some fun. A beanie and gloves are needed to keep you warm, as well super fuzzy socks. I wore the thick socks because Converse sneakers aren’t the best shoes for winter. If it were snowing then I would wear my Docs with this look. I just wanted to show some other shoe options.

Outfit 4

FullSizeRender (4)DSC_0675DSC_0679

Dress: Forever 21 (sold out), Leather Jacket: Forever 21 (sold out), Tights: Forever 21, Socks: Forever 21 (sold out)

This was a fun look to put together and could be worn to almost any occasion. I layered some tights with thigh highs to keep my legs extra warm. The sweater dress could be for any style, honestly, so the socks kept the look more grunge. I added the leather jacket because it looked cute and keeps me really warm.

Outfit 5

FullSizeRender (5)

DSC_0696DSC_0698 - Copy

Jacket: (similar) Forever 21, Top: Brandy Melville, Skirt: H&MTights: Forever 21, Socks: Forever 21 (sold out)

I love this look so much! It’s my personal favorite. It’s so fun and super girly. I went for a school girl vibe with the whole look. I added a simple stripped top with a plain black skater skirt. The heart patterned tights keep it fun and the thigh highs keep me warm while sticking to the school girl theme. I wore my all black converse and my baseball jacket to really amp up the school girlness of this look. You could also add a thick cardigan under the jacket, or even a long sleeved shirt to keep you warm.

Hope you all enjoyed! Stay warm and fashionable during this winter!


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