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16 Things I Wish I Knew in High School

You’re always told that high school will be the best four years of your life. That you’ll never have fun like you will in high school. Personally, I find that very offensive because a) you don’t know my life and b) going to sporting events is not my idea of fun. I think most, if not all, can agree that high school is not the greatest. In my Life is hard & Mental Illness is real post, I talked about how for some teens it’s hard to get out of bed, let alone attend school with people who make them miserable. I know that was the case for me, so here are sixteen things that I wish I knew while still in school.

1. Try your best. I know we all had the same talk given to us freshman year: when we’re seniors we’ll wish we would’ve tried harder during freshman year. That freshman year is where it starts. You have to get a good GPA for college. You have to get straight A’s, or you’ll be sorry. The truth is, you’re fourteen years old starting high school for the first time. You’re mental capacity is not able to think or make decisions that far ahead. We shouldn’t have to decide at fourteen if we want to go to college yet. Heck when I was fourteen I would have bet my life that I wasn’t going to college. But clearly here I am. So, don’t have that mindset while in school. Only try your best. Take the classes you know you’ll pass, and please don’t push yourself past what you’re mentally and physically capable of.

2. Wear whatever you want. While, of course following the schools dress code. Don’t let other girls dictate what you want to wear. You will feel so much better about yourself if you wear what you like.

3. Don’t be disrespectful to your teachers because you dislike the course. It’s insulting and rude. They’re there to teach, and you are there to learn. You show them respect because that is what decent human beings do. It’s not funny when you talk back to the teacher. It’s annoying.

4. You are perfect the way you are. You don’t need to be better than anyone else. Embrace who you are.

5. People will dislike you. It’s not your job to make them like you. You don’t owe them anything. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters, don’t let others define that.

6. Rumors will spread about you. But they’re only rumors. You know the truth and that matters more than anything. Anyone who believes those rumors is not somebody you want in your life. Get rid of them.

7. If your best friend doesn’t like your boyfriend or the guy you’re interested in, listen to her. She is more than likely right and has your best interest at heart. She’s your best friend for a reason, so trust her. Because I promise you that guy won’t matter in a few months.

8. You don’t need a perfect ACT score and a 4.0 to get into college. You should take the ACT as soon as possible though. Even if you don’t think you want to go to college, you should take it. You need to always have a plan B.

9. “Nothing is as embarrassing as you think, because you’re not the center of everyone’s universe.” -Julia. Seriously, laughing at embarrassing situations is way easier than freaking out over them.

10. “You’re going to get screwed over a lot. Don’t be too quick to burn bridges, but don’t be scared to either.” -Julia.

11. Don’t ever change who you are for a guy who barely spares you a second glace. Or any guy for that matter. If he doesn’t find your weird sense of humor funny, who cares, other people will. If he thinks you’re a “crazy girlfriend”, he’s immature and doesn’t deserve you. Don’t hold your tongue because you’re afraid of him not liking you. If he can’t see how great you already are then he is not worth it.

12. There is nothing wrong with eating lunch alone. If you want to draw, read or listen to music during lunch, then do it. Who cares what other people say? You’ve got to learn to be comfortable alone. You won’t always have people you know near you. Learning to be independent is a beautiful thing.

13. If you lay down with dogs, you will wake up with fleas. That saying is so old, but so true. If your friend group is into drugs or alcohol, but you’re not, quit hanging out with them. The more you hear them talk about those things the more normal they become. You’ll think you’re okay and strong, but the next time you blink, you’ll be at a party surrounded by drunk strangers wondering how in the hell you fell so deep.

14. When your boyfriend dumps you, it is not the end of the world. I know it may feel that way, but I promise you it isn’t. You will laugh and smile again. You will even love again. Life does go on.

15. Your mom will always be your best friend.

16. You have survived a lot of things, and you’ll be able to survive this. Just breathe, you’ll be okay.

(17.) Puberty happens, & it’s an amazing thing.

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