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Tips for Growing Out Hair

Hair trends are always changing and really hard to keep up with. 2014 was the year of long hair and then drastic short cuts towards the end. So far for 2015 trends, we have tousled messy waves, natural or “unkempt” hair and middle parts. The cut isn’t really important so much as the style and color. Silver color this year is huge and pastels as well. Along with all the cutting, coloring and styling our hair can get super damaged. But hair is really just hair and it will always grow back. Just as the trends are ever changing, so are our minds. Growing out your hair is quite the process. But, as someone who has gone from long to short to even shorter, I’ve acquired quite a few tips that help keep my hair healthy and growing. (Also having my mom as a hair stylist helps immensely.)

Tip 1: Brush your hair. I know it’s so simple and really a no brainer, but really it helps. Brushing your hair stimulates the cuticle of the hair, therefore making it grow quicker. My mom always told me to brush 100 strokes a day. While you’re watching your favorite T.V show, just grab a brush and start brushing.

Tip 2: Avoid everyday washes. I know, I know, it’s a little gross to think about. I’ve just started doing this to A) keep my hair healthy and B) prevent my color from fading faster. I used to say that my hair would get so greasy in one day and I could never go more than a day without washing my hair. But now I can go three to four days without washing. You can train your hair to not get “greasy” as fast. The grease is really just your hairs natural oil that shows up because of the drying shampoo. So, the less shampoo you use, the less oil your hair will produce. Try to start this process on a weekend that you’re not going anywhere, that way you can get through this process without anyone seeing. Dry shampoo will obviously come in handy, and I really suggest trying the new powder dry shampoo. I know LUSH Cosmetics has a really awesome one, and super affordable. The powder vs. the aerosol can will soak up the oil faster and last longer. If you don’t have a LUSH near you, here are a few drugstore brands that I recommend. Batiste Dry Shampoo , Not Your Mother’s Clean FreakFor those of you lucky ladies that are able to throw your hair up in bun for second, third or fourth day hair this process will be super easy for you. For those of us who aren’t able to do that, I suggest hat days and french braiding. There are many benefits to not washing your hair as often. Like I said before, it helps color last longer. Obviously it helps hair grow quicker, because of out natural oil. That grease, as much as we hate it, is like crack for out hair. Honestly, this is the best tip for growing hair.

Tip 3: Avoid heat. Any heat styling tools are obviously bad for your hair. It’s causes split ends and damages the hair shaft. This process was way easier with my bob because I loved the way my natural hair looked. But, having this awkward grown out pixie, natural hair does not work for me. So, if you can, I really suggest avoiding heat completely. When you are using heat, be sure to use it properly. Before you start blow drying your hair, let your hair air dry to avoid using more heat. Try turning down the heat on the blow dryer to also reduce damage. When blow drying your hair, go with the hair shaft, so you hold the blow dryer at your scalp pointing down toward your hair. Don’t start at the bottom, this causes damage, and the frizz that will later need to be straightened out. Doing this technique will smooth out your hair. Sectioning off your hair and starting at the bottom, (still making sure to go with the hair shaft) will make this process more efficient and easier. Work in small sections to get the best results. Blow drying  can be super annoying and takes time. But I’ve found the more time I take when blow drying my hair, the less time and heat I use with a straightener. See, so I do use heat, but going four days without washing will also keep hair styled, and you won’t need to restyle it all over.

Tip 4: Protect your hair. Whether that be with a hair mask, treatment or oil. Be sure to do it. Everyday I use Moroccanoil Treatment Light, the light formula is specifically designed for light colored hair and fine hair. I put one pump in my hair right before I blow dry, using it as a heat protectant. I only use the oil on the days I wash my hair, it’ll make my hair too greasy on second day and beyond hair. My hair has been bleached four times in the last two months, so obviously it’s suffered from some damage. To get it back I use the 60 sec treatment for blondes and highlights by GoldWell. I use their anti-brassiness shampoo and conditioner as well. The 60 sec treatment is awesome because I don’t have time to use a forty five minuet hair mask. But if you are a fan of hair masks, Macadamia Deep Mask is a really awesome one, and can be found at Target. Since the products I use are Salon Brand, here are a few budget friendly hair options. Not Your Mother’s Lock Luster Argon Oil Treatment Biosilk Silk Therapy OilWhen looking for a good oil or serum, be sure it repairs, protects and nourishes. I’m all about being budget friendly, but hair is something you should really invest time and money in.

Tip 5: Get regular trims. For some reason everyone thinks that not getting your hair cut will make your hair grow. This, this is false. You really really really, need to get your hair trimmed. Not all split ends can be repaired magically, they need trimmed off for your hair to grow quicker. If you’re trying to have healthy long locks, not getting a regular trims ins’t the way. Like I said earlier hair is something you should invest in, every six weeks a trim should be taking place.

Tip 6: Don’t do anything permanent to your hair yourself. Don’t dye your hair at home, don’t trim off your own ends, don’t do anything that you think “ehh this may turn out bad.” Seriously, find your hair stylist and stick with them. They are your hair doctor and you wouldn’t very well give yourself a shot now would you? No, you’d let your doctor do that. So, let your stylist do their job.

Tip 7: Have patience. All of these tips help to protect your hair and speed along the process. But, it still takes time. And once you’ve got your hair grown out, the new trend will probably be super short hair. But that’s okay, hair should be worn however you want it to be worn. Just be sure to love whatever color and style you have! And if you don’t love it, do something about it. Don’t be afraid of change, hair is just hair and I promise it’ll grow back. Have fun with your hair!

I hope this helped! Good luck with your hair endeavor this year!

My hair over the past three years:

IMG_1159 (2) IMG_2183 (2) IMG_2187 (2) IMG_4253 IMG_4365 Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset


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