How To Live With Your Best Friend

Living with your best friend can either be an awesome experience or a really tragic experience. I’m sure everyone has heard what happens to friends who turn into roommates. It usually never ends well. That can be for a number a reasons a few being: you feel you can’t confront her about something because you’re friends, you’ve never lived in the same small space together, her boyfriend could be in the mob, she starts borrowing your clothes without asking, you forget to do the dishes, she happens to be in the mob, or maybe even she forgot to take out the trash. Living with someone is a whole new game and one you guys probably weren’t prepared for. For instance, did you guys have the talk? The one where you discuss what living with each other will actually entail or just all the excitement of living together? It is very exciting, don’t get me wrong. But, your friendship is no longer about being friends, it’s about coexisting together also. So, here a few tips that may or may not help you live with your bff:

Tip #1: Have “The Talk”: Not, that talk. The other one. The one where you guys sit down and discuss what responsibilities are going to go to who, the risk living together imposes on your friendship, and please double check that they’ve seen Mean Girls. You may think that you know all about them because they’re your best friend, but living together can bring out a whole new side that you never knew existed. That’s okay, that’s what this talk should all be about. Talk about sleep schedules, the temperature of the room, fans on or off at night, how you like your coffee or tea, when you’ll shower, how often the trash needs taken out and the dishes need done. Will you guys split the work? Will you be sharing food? These things need to be addressed because it’s the little things that can turn this situation sour.

Tip #2: Always always always be respectful. Yes, shes your friend and you may have known her for years, but that doesn’t mean you can be loud while she’s sleeping. Make sure you both are happy with how things are going.

Tip #3: If you a have an issue, talk it out. Don’t let problems or annoyances fester. That’s just asking for trouble. Remember you are friends and not just roommates. Don’t let one little issue ruin a whole friendship.

Tip #4: Decorate! The best part about living with your best friend is that you can decorate together. Even if you have different styles, you guys are way more able to incorporates each others tastes. Have fun with this and make you’re guys’ place cute!

Tip #5: Have space. If you’re living in a dorm room it’s important to make sure you guys give each other space. Personally, I really recharge and relax best when I’m completely alone. So, it’s important for me to have that time. There will be times when shes out with her boyfriend or other friends and that’s you’re opportunity to take advantage of the alone time, or to relax. It’s important to have other people to turn to so you don’t get tired of being with her literally 24/7.

Of course I am not an expert on living situations, but these are just the tips that I’ve found have helped my best friend and I live together. Friendships are important and should be treated with care. Be sure to value that as you move in with your best friend. Living with her will be a fun and awesome experience as long as you both put forth the effort it requires.

I hope this helped!

xo- Heidi


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