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The Most Underrated Young Adult Novels

Obviously there are A LOT of books out there, and with the huge influx of young adult book-to-movie adaptations it can be a little overwhelming trying to find a book. The buzz surrounding the popular books will last a long time and if you’re not an avid reader then it may be hard for you to know what’s new and good. A tip I use is the Goodreads app, I always check the ratings of the book. But, I don’t use this as a final decision. If I think a book sounds good then I’ll get it regardless of the ratings. With all of that aside, this is all my personal opinion and I’m really basing these underrated books on whether or not they have a large fandom on Tumblr. I’ve read some pretty great books and honestly I expected them to have bigger fandoms. They don’t and it’s okay because some books still need to be discovered. I’m pretty active in the “booklr” (tumblr book community world so here are some of the books that I’ve hardly heard anyone buzz about. (Click the bold book title to see the synopsis.)

1. Icons series by Margaret Stohl. Stohl is well known author, she’s the co-author of the Beautiful Creatures novels (I haven’t read them, but have heard good things). The first book came out in May of 2013, so I guess it is fairly new. The second book was released in summer of 2014 and the release date for the third book has yet to be released. Anyways, this is a science fiction series that takes place in the future with earth controlled by aliens. What makes a book good to me is the character development, I’m really particular on whether or not the characters grew throughout the story. These books had amazing development. And it wasn’t just the main character either, most of the characters did. The story is also really well written and keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of futuristic earth or book taking place in the ruins of our current world, then I think you’ll really like this.

2. OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu. I feel like the title of this book really steers people away. But it literally is an OCD love story; the title is spot on. Most YA novels that are about OCD aren’t really a good depiction of what obsessive compulsive disorder is. This book really shows what OCD is. Actually, it does so well of a job that it’s a little unsettling. Which to me is good, because that’s how OCD should be seen. It should be taken seriously and most people don’t get a chance to learn what the disorder really is. It isn’t something to be taken lightly. Even reading this book I thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish it. That, never happens to me, even if a book is horrible I’ll still finish it. But, this book goes into so much detail that it is a little disturbing and my heart was breaking for the main character. I finished it because I wanted to know that there is hope, and I’m really glad I did finish it. This book is one of my favorites, because it is non-fiction but it is so incredibly real. I won’t say this book is for everyone, because some people may not be able to handle it. But, if you think you can, then do it. Just be sure to hold your judgement until the end.

3. Now That You’re Here (Duplexity #1) by Amy K. Nichols. If you’re a fan of parallel universes then this is your best bet. I’ve read a handful and I usually love them all. This one made it really easy to understand. If you know anything about parallel universes then you know it’s a really complicated method with quantum physics and all of that can be super confusing. This was easy to read because I felt the main characters didn’t understand their own situation, so we were in the same boat as them. This is a dual perspective, which I really enjoy. It does have romance in it and it is really well written. If you’re looking to get into parallel universes, then I really suggest starting with this one. (If you want to see all the parallel universe books I’ve read then click here!)

4. Lailah by Nikki Kelly. This is a paranormal romance with angels and vampires and good vs. evil. There is drama, self-discovery, and love. It’s really well written and kept me up late at night. I flew through this and really loved it. I usually don’t like a book where the main character has memory issues, because I mean come on it’s pretty frustrating to read about. But, I actually enjoyed this one and we didn’t have to wait too long to find out what happened to Lailah. Now I’m just waiting for the second book and it’s going to suck. If you’re a fan of the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick, you’ll enjoy this.

5. Gates of Thread and Stone by Lori M. Lee. This book had the best plot twists and was so unpredictable. Even from reading the synopsis I thought I knew what was going to happen. I was so wrong. I only have great things to say about this book. It’s about magic but in the totally non-traditional way. The main character is kind of a bad ass, which I really love female heroines. If you’ve read Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch, the magic is similar to that.

6. Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland. This book really surprised me as well. It’s set in a word where greek mythology exists and I’m huge fan of that. Also, the author created characters with a lot of diversity. I will say it was a little predictable but I didn’t really mind so much with this one. It was still really enjoyable and all around good.

7. The Testing Trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau. One of my long time loves. I picked this up because it was advertised for fans of the hunger games. I haven’t read any dystopian books like this one. It takes places after “The Seven Stages of War” on earth. Instead of just leaving us with that brief title, we learn exactly what happened to earth. And I really appreciate that because doesn’t everyone want to know how the world will end? (Just kidding, maybe not really.) But honestly, this book is so good. What I loved was not only the training, but the smarts. The main character made me want to learn how to fight, while dedicate my life to education as much as a I can. This may sound weird, but I love feeling proud of the main character (?). Like, you know she’s a total bad ass and then she does something to prove her bad assness, I can’t help but swell with pride. Whatever, I get really attached okay. Just read this. I promise you will love it.

8. Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters) by Jessica Shirvington. So, before I knew that all the genres of YA rocked, I was a bit of a snob. I used to only read dystopian because I hated romance. Because of that, I didn’t really give a lot of books a chance. This book was my first fantasy. I can’t even remember why I picked it up. Probably because I read every Sci-fi/dystoptian book in the library. Anyways, I picked it up and I loved it. It’s about angels and warriors, but it takes place in our world. There is no war going on or that has already passed. All of the crazy stuff happens in our everyday boring world. Books like that really attract me, because of this book. The main character finds out news that pretty much shatters her whole world, but she has amazing character development throughout the five books. I’ve read one other book by this author (check my parallel universe shelf on Goodreads, link under book three,) and she is one of my favorites. I really suggest reading this series if you’re teetering on the edge of fantasy. This is the perfect start.

9. Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris. This is another parallel universe book and I’m sorry they’re all just so great. This book is particularly good because I still think about it. I read this in April of 2014 and seriously I still love this book. The author touches on a lot of sensitive subjects but does it so well. The main character is one of my favorites, I really really loved her voice. This is a pretty fast paced book, full of plot twists. I can’t compare to any other book because it was so good.

10. All These Things I’ve Done (Birthright series) by Gabrielle Zevin. This is set in a world where chocolate is illegal. Which pretty much sounds like hell. Am I right? This book is so memorable and I smile anytime I think of it. Gabrielle Zevin has quite a few books that are pretty popular, but for some reason this one didn’t get as popular. I’m not sure why, because it is amazing. But, if mob shows or anything around the mob really interests you, then this will be a good read for you

Sorry if my book recommendations are all over the place, I’m not the greatest at book reviews. I either love a book or I hate it. But, I hope this helped you lovely people. Thank you for reading.



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