Monthly Favorites

March Favorites

I felt like March went by very slowly. I had midterms, then spring break to look forward to, and after that it just dragged on. Then we got hit with snow, but now the weather is looking bright for the beginning of April, so that’s good news. But, here are the few things I’ve been loving this month!


  • The shade Nector, from the Lorac PRO Palette 2– I mentioned this in my Spring Makeup post. I have been wearing this shade almost everyday this month. It just screams spring to me. I’ll wear it alone or use a little Rosé on the center of my lid. I love it either way, it’s so perfect.
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Fun size & Jordana Cosmetics Easy liner in Rock N’ Rose– I mentioned this combo in my Makeup On the Go post. Ever since then I’ve literally been wearing this combo everyday. I cannot get enough of, I’ve tried to go back to my dark lippies, but something about this combo is just so flattering and perfect. I love the darker liner and the lighter lip shade and these two shades compliment each other so well. It’s like a match made in heaven, I swear. (The color on the Jordana website, is not doing it justice. It looks better in real life, I promise.)


  • Nike Free 5.0 in black and white- Wearing tennis sneakers with a casual outfit has been super on trend for awhile now, and I don’t see it changing too soon. I was reluctant to get on board because I’ve always been a huge believer of tennis sneakers belonging in the gym. But, my shoes are black and white and I’ve honestly been wearing with almost everything. I love them with plain black skinny jeans and my black and white stripped turtle neck. I roll my jeans up a little above my ankle, to almost Capri length, I feel like it looks really bad without the cuff.


  • Waiting Game by Banks
  • Earned It by The Weeknd
  • You can check out my March Jams playlist on Spotify by clicking here.


  • On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I mentioned this is my Top Ten Favorite books post. So you can check out all of my thoughts there and clicking the book title will take you to the book synopsis. I will recommend this book to everyone. If you like books that make you feel something, you will love this.
  • Dead of Winter (Arcana Chronicles Series #3) by Kresley Cole. I finally got my hands on this. I mentioned this book in my Most Anticipated Books YA of 2015 post, and it’s taken me this long to read it. I read these books so fast for some reason. I mean, I’m generally a fast reader, but since school has picked up I haven’t been able to read a book in a day in awhile. I sped through this book and I kind of wish I hadn’t because the next book won’t be released until January 6th 2016. I did find out that there will be six books in this series, so if you’re looking for a series to jump into I highly recommend this. The concept of this series is quite brilliant and takes such a different look at a post- apocalyptic world.

T.V Shows

  • Unbreakable– This show is a Netflix Original and it’s so hilarious. Tina Fey is the writer and she’s amazing. I love the humor in it. It’s not dumb or stupid, it’s actually funny humor. I highly recommend this.

That’s it for this month, hope you all enjoyed!

x0- Heidi


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