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Prom: Setting Powders

Now that we’ve gotten primers, foundations, and setting sprays out of the way we can talk setting powders. (Click here to read my latest prom post.)

As I said in the previous post you’ll need to set your foundation no matter your skin type. Setting your foundation will keep it on during all of the dancing and will keep you from looking like a grease ball. We avoid SPF in foundation just as we should avoid silica in finishing powders. Silica has light reflecting or light catching particles that’re going to attract the flash of the camera to that area. If you have dry skin this is really important. Dry skin doesn’t absorb powder, there isn’t anything for the powder to cling on to. Silica powders will generally be white, and if you apply them in oily areas, your skin will absorb it. But, if you don’t it can cause a white cast as well. Let me give you a personal example. Please, hold your judgment, we’ve all had our own makeup horror stories and accidents & trust me I have since learned my lesson. But here is what will happen if you use a silica powder for flash photography.

IMG_2653 IMG_2755

The picture on the left you can clearly see the white cast SPF will cause. My bronzer looks orange and my face looks very white. The picture on the right you can see what the silica powder did under my eyes. You can’t see the powder on my nose because my oily skin absorbed the powder. But it reflected the light majorly under my eyes. I was just a little baby child and I didn’t know that powders could actually do that, so yes I have learned my lesson.

These products look amazing in the daylight and in person. The powders brighten and highlight your skin, just not in flash. When shopping for setting powders read the ingredients. At the top of the list it will say silica. Also the product can be advertised as HD Photogenic or mineral powder. It’s generally a loose powder, white or lighter shade, and even translucent. Translucent powder is my favorite powder because I don’t have to worry about it changing the shade of my foundation, as long as it is silica free. These come in pressed powder form and work just as great. Here are the powders that will not cause a “moon face”.


High end:

I hope this helped, keep an eye for more posts! Also, check my last post if you need your makeup done for prom!

xo- Heidi


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