Prom Series

Prom: Last Minute Tips

I cannot believe how fast prom season came upon us. I know some high schools have already had their prom, which is crazy to me. So, we’ve gotten all of our base products out of the way and now you all know how to get the flawless canvas for your photos. (Prom: Primers, Foundations, and Setting Sprays, Prom: Setting Powers (HOW TO avoid the white face in photos (with embarrassing pics showing my personal mishap with that), and Prom: Contouring and Highlighting.)

Now I want to share tips that I’ve gained and things I wish I knew before prom, I’ve also asked my sister Allison to contribute to this list!

  1. Prom is not going to be perfect. Nothing you do will ensure that you will have that perfect prom you’ve dreamed of, & that is OK. More than okay, because all that matters is the memories you make. For pretty much every dance in high school, I got ready with my two best friends, Sarah and Ricki. You can ask them, dance days I was very stressed and alway rushing around. I never got a chance to just relax, I was too hyped with everything having to be perfect. Although I still had fun with them, I do wish I would have accepted that it is okay for things to not go according to plan. So remember this is just prom and you’re supposed to have fun.
  2. Don’t try anything new on prom day. What I mean is that if you’ve never tried a certain makeup product, don’t do it on the day of your prom. Unless you know you don’t have sensitive skin and won’t break out. This happened to me for my junior year of prom. I had eyelash extensions glued on the day of prom and my eyes did not take well to the glue. They looked great for pictures, but I was uncomfortable all night. It was painful and I wanted them off immediately, but the glue stayed on for two more weeks after that. Try to be familiar with the products you are using.
  3. Make a checklist of what you need. Look online at Pinterest to see what other girls’ checklist entails, it’ll give you ideas. Try not to do anything last minute either. For some reason, I always got my shoes last minute and it was really stressful. I suggest doing everything as soon as you can.
  4. Don’t forget to include your mom. I know this may sound a little odd, because prom is for your best friends. But your mom is getting older and you two should take a few moments of alone time together. My mom does hair so she was always around for that, but putting my dress on was something we wanted to do with just us. Both proms I had my mom help me into my dress and put my jewelry on. I love that we did that because it was something special a mother and daughter can do together. So ladies, ask your mom to help you with something special like this. Just take a moment apart from all of your friends for you two have a moment.
  5. Waterproof makeup items are necessary. Personally, I have super watery eyes whenever I’m outside, especially if it’s windy out. Which it always managed to be on prom day. Both years my eyes were watering like crazy during photos and pretty much ruined my makeup. Senior year I forgot to get waterproof black liquid liner, but I figured it wouldn’t be that huge of a deal. I had done wing liner that took a painstakingly long time. By the time we were done with pictures, it was completely off, but thank goodness for my eye shape because you couldn’t tell unless I looked down, so you can’t see it in any photos. Even if you don’t have watery eyes, you’re going to sweat on the dance floor. If you’ve never been to prom you don’t understand how hot it gets. The dance floor at prom, if I had to describe it, would probably be the 5th circle of Hell. This isn’t an exaggeration either. Mascara will be running down your face, eyelashes on the ground and foundation completely gone. Unless you take precautions against this. Rather safe than sorry, right?
  6. Have a backup plan for pictures. The weather here in Ohio is pretty unpredictable, so having a backup plan for indoor pictures is necessary.
  7. Lipstick. It’s always best to go matte because the shimmer of the lip gloss will reflect funky off the flash. Also matte lipsticks are generally more long-wearing than regular lipsticks. Especially if you use a liquid matte lipstick. NYX has an amazing color range and can be found at Ulta. Also, Kat Von D makes some really awesome ones.
  8. Do trial runs of hair and makeup. If you’re doing your hair and makeup yourself, look up tutorials and then try them out. Especially if you have little knowledge about makeup. This also helps you see what looks best on you. You may think that a black smokey eye is going to look great, but you find that it’s too dark for your complexion or so on. It’s better to know what you’re doing before prom, then on the day and you ruin your whole face. (Not that that is possible because all of you are beautiful beings.) Especially if you’re wearing false eyelashes, practice, practice, practice, otherwise you end up messing up your whole eyeliner and shadow. If your friend doing your hair, have her do it a few days before prom so you get a gist of what you want. It’s better to do everything you can to be prepared.
  9. Eye shadow. Do your eye shadow before your foundation, especially if you’re doing dark colors or glitters. This is something I do when I do others makeup and my own. Doing your eyeshadow first gives you more freedom for mistakes. You can clean up the fallout from the eye shadow, use tape without messing up your foundation, and create a sharp line with concealer if you don’t want to use tape.  Just be sure to hold off on putting your eyeshadow on the bottom until you do your undereye concealer. Most of the time, if you do your eye shadow before concealer you run the risk of your concealer taking most of it off. So just be extra careful when putting dark colors under your eyes.
  10. Eye shadow tip two. If you forget to do your eye shadow before foundation, don’t worry. After you’ve done all of your cream or liquid products and have set your face. Put extra loose translucent powder under your eyes, like a lot, make it noticeable. Then when you use dark eye shadows, the powder will catch all that fallout. Once you’re done with your eye shadow, just take a fluffy brush and swipe the extra powder away.
  11. Jelly boobs, chicken cutlets, strapless bra, double sided tape. What type of bra or no bra will you need for your dress? This is important to figure out. Again you will be sweaty, so take that into consideration when you’re looking for adhessive bras. I needed a back less bra because my dress had a low back. I really prefered that to a regular strapless bra because I knew it wasn’t falling down all night. Target has some really great and affordable ones. If you’re wearing strapless dress, don’t be afraid to get it tailored to fit your bust. Honestly, it really is a pain to keep having to pull it up all night. Double sided tape can help with this.
  12. Can’t find the perfect jewelry for your dress? Try making your own. I wanted a IMG_3677 (2)neckless for my back, a backless haha. These are like non existent or at least were last year, because we couldn’t find any. So, my mom and I went to Joann’s and found a pendant and chain to make our own. This is still my favorite piece of jewelry and I love that my mom and I did this together. It’s great because you can customize everything about the piece of jewelry, The length, colors, shapes, etc. Also, you won’t have to worry about having the same jewelry as someone else.
  13. Prom food isn’t the greatest. It’s actually quite terrible, but sitting with your friends and having an expensive looking dinner is really fun. Make sure you eat at least something and drink lots of water, because, in case you haven’t guess it yet, it’s hot on the dance floor and you don’t want to get dehydrated. -Allison
  14. For you ladies that experience Chub Rub. Bring or put on baby powder in advance. Chub rub is when your thighs rub together and cause a painfully awful rash. This is not something you want to happen during prom. -Allison
  15. You’re more than likely going to be taking off your painful heels, because who can dance in those? So bring a pair of flippies or slip on flats to wear instead of your heels. -Allsion
  16. Have a “spa” night with your friends the night before. Paint eachothers toes, do facemasks, make yourselves feel pretty. Also doing eachothers nails and toes saves you money!
  17. Bring a clutch. It’s going to be sitting on your table all night, so it’d be best to borrow one or thrif it. These really do come in handy. I was sick for my senior prom, I had the flu. Running nose, coffing, sneezing, achey body. It was miserable. But, I kept coughdrops and extra medicine in my clutch just in case. Also, if it’s your time of the month you’ll need a tampon or a few, and you probably don’t want your date to hold that in his pocket for you. You can put your baby powder, lipstick, extra double sided tape, keys, and money, this is handy trust me.
  18. Don’t be afraid to eat in front of your date. I went with my really good friend, so I had no qualms about eating whatever I wanted. But seriously, don’t let that hold you back from enjoying desert or an extra plate.
  19. Eat before you go. Just in case the food is awful, you don’t want to pass out on the dance floor.
  20. Take pictures of everything. Don’t be ashamed to take selfies, or a pic with every one of your friends there. Trust me, you’re going to want to look back on these memories. I didn’t get as many pics as I wanted to and I do wish I would have.
  21. Do not drink and drive. We all know there will be mulitple after prom parties, so make good decision. Even if you only have one beer or two and you feel “fine” or you’re only slightly buzzed, do not get behind the wheel. Have emergency contacts in your phone for this purpose. Call triple A, an aunt, parent, coach, someone you know will come get you. I’m obviously not condoning underage drinking, but if you’re going to do it, be smart about it. I really can’t stress this enough, and I know some schools do a good job of hitting this same point. Don’t get into the car with someone who is under the influence, call someone for both of you. Getting grounded by your parents, is way better then potentionally taking your life or someone elses. If you’re the sober one at the party it will be your job to babysit. Even if you don’t like it, you are going to a party where there will be alcohol and you will be the only one who is capable of making a smart decision. So please, if you’re not drinking, help those who are.
  22. Have fun. Try not to stress, those little things won’t matter years from now. Getting into drama during prom or before it isn’t worth it. This is something you’ll want to experience with your friends. In the future you don’t want to look back and realize that something trivial stopped you from getting a picture or dancing with your friends. You only get to do high school once, so make the most of it.

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