Beach Bag Essentials

beach bag essentials

While, it isn’t “officially” summer yet, students are out of school and that means vacations. More than likely most of ya’ll will be going to the beach. I know I usually go every summer. Each year I feel like my family and I think of another item that we could have brought to make the beach better. Now, I love vacations and relaxing. But I don’t personally find the beach to be too relaxing. The sand really gets to me. It gets everywhere and anywhere. However, I do love the ocean and cooling off after baking in the sun. So, with that out of the way here is my list of beach bag essentials.

A swim suit obviously. I chose this navy one piece from It’s not only super cute and comfortable, but it’s made with fabrics from recycled plastic bottles. Can we just take a minuet to appreciate that. You can now go green with style. The site features such cute and unique pieces as well. I really love the style of this one piece because I find that one pieces that tie around your neck, like a traditional bikini, are really uncomfortable. It’s like it’s playing tug-of-war with my body, and my neck is losing. I find it really difficult to find a good one piece that won’t do that, and this is the one that seems to avoid that issue.

Breezy white V Neck. Personally, if I’m wearing a one piece suit, I love to just throw a loose tee or tank over it. I go for one in a larger size so it has that easy relaxed look.

Extra undies. There is nothing worse than taking an unexpected trip to get food or go somewhere else after beach and having to stay in your wet clothes. I usually always have an extra change of dry clothes with me. Undies, bra, shorts, and new shirt. You can never be too prepared. These are also from and made with the same fabric recycled from plastic bottles.

Flippies. Basic ones from Old Navy are always the best choice. I usually bring my cheaper or crappier pair to the beach because I’m not worried about losing them. A really good tip for keeping your flippies cool while you’re at the beach is to flip them over so the bottom of the shoe catches the sun. Honestly, be careful which pair you take with you. I took a pair from Hollister last year and the sun melted them, like totally warped them, so I learned my lesson the hard way.

A bed sheet. I know right? Sounds super weird, but totally helpful for laying out. Nobody wants the small space only a beach towel offers. Also, who wants to come in from the water and have your towel covered in sand? My family always brings a queen or king sized white bed sheet that we first lay down, then place our towels on top of that. Totally perfect solution to further help me avoid my hatred of sand. Also, using white doesn’t attract the sun as much, so less burn is possible.

Beach towel, no-brainer there.

If you’re a contact-lens-wearer I recommend not wearing your contacts to the beach. If you do, at least bring your case and glasses, just in case. If I’m going to a pool I find that my eyes don’t get as irritated as they do with the salt water. That stuff burns.

So if you don’t have one hundred dollars to drop on a Life Proof Water Proof case then I recommend going the “hilljack” way. Use a zip lock baggie. Seriously, they keep the sand out of your phone while still being able to text on it. Although, I wouldn’t recommend dunking it in water. But, you can still text with wet fingers.

Tanning lotion or baby oil. I don’t recommend using baby oil every time you go to the beach, especially if you’re going to Florida or anywhere close to the equator. But, if you feel like you don’t burn that easily or really just want to get tan, try baby oil. It’s cheap and there isn’t any added chemicals to the product.

Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45.  Ya’ll protect your face. Using sunscreen prevents premature aging. So before you go out and come in from the water, apply this on your face!

Lip Balm or Chapstick. Try finding one with an SPF, this one by FRESH doesn’t have any because it’s a translucent treatment but it’s meant to moisturize before the SPF treatment. Seriously the lips are the most sensitive part of the face.

Sunglasses. Do not bring your best, most expensive pair of glasses to the beach. You will more than likely lose them, or at least I did. (I hope the mermaids are loving mine.) But these ones from forever 21 are cheap, cute, and easy to replace.

Water and a cooler. Stay hydrated ya’ll!!

Umbrella. Big beach umbrellas are essential. I get super hot and crabby if I have no reprieve from the sun, so a huge umbrella to ground into the sand is a must.

Head phones, definitely a must if you don’t have the same music taste as those you’re with!

Floppy sun hat. Like I said I need some type of break from the sun, this does the trick if I’m reading and I’m not able to be under the umbrella.

Beach tote. I prefer the mesh ones because I find that they don’t get ruined when wet. They’re also super easy to clean out!

Books. I love reading at the beach. Finding a nice beach chair that I can plant at the edge of the water and just plop down and read for hours is the best. I just did a summer reads so click here to check out what books I recommend for your beach trip!

Snacks. Fruits and veggies are perfect and are easy to pack into the cooler. Chips or even fried chicken if you’re from the south.

Boogie boards. Believe it or not, these things are actually really fun. Way better than body surfing because, again sand will get everywhere.

Hair ties or pony tails, whatever you call them, bring ’em.

Hope this helped ya’ll and I hope you enjoy your vacation!

xo- Heidi


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