NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer DUPE

So back in January, I did a review on the NARS Radiant Creamy ConcealerBasically it became my “holy grail” concealer. It highlighted, concealed my dark circles, and lasted all day. I still love this concealer, but it is quite pricey. Especially because I felt like I used it up pretty quickly. So, I did some research and found a dupe. For those of you who are not sure what a dupe is, it’s basically a replacement or alternative version of another product. There can be high-end dupes and drugstore dupes and luckily this happens to be a really affordable drugstore dupe.

maybelline fit me concealerMaybelline Fit Me Concealer in Fair retails at Ulta for $6.99. I use the shade Fair, while it isn’t the palest shade (shocking, right?), it’s the shade that matched my undertone best. I was bummed to find that it wasn’t as pale as my NARS shade in chantilly. So if you’re my shade the Maybelline concealer won’t highlight as much as the NARS one will. But, it does give me amazing coverage and I find that it’s easier to blend than NARS. The Radiant Creamy concealer is thicker than the Fit Me concealer but I don’t mind, and found that neither crease. This is a worthy dupe for those of you who aren’t as pale. If you are pale and are hesitant about splurging on the Radiant Creamy Concealer, then I do suggest trying this out. Just to get a feel for what a concealer is supposed to do. Also, I find that depending on my setting powder I can lighten up the Fit Me concealer to make it a little brighter.

Application:  I apply this the same exact way I applied the Radiant Creamy concealer, the only difference has been the way I set my concealer. Personally, I have really bad lines under my eyes; they’re not wrinkles, it’s just how my eye shape is. But, it makes concealing a chore. I’ll get to all of that in a sec. First, I dot this under my eyes and swipe it to make lines. Because this is a runny concealer, I find that I don’t need as much and it blends easy. Then I apply this in my normal highlighting areas, bridge of my noes, forehead, cupids bow, and chin. I blend everything that isn’t under my eyes, first with my damp Real Techniques sponge, and make sure that I’m happy with the way that looks. Then I grab my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and tap out however much powder I’ll need into the lid. Next, I start blending out under my eyes still using my sponge while looking up. I look up during the whole under eye process to prevent creasing. Then I dip my damp sponge into the lid of my powder and powder like crazy under my eyes, trying my hardest to stay looking up. You want to make sure that all the creases are blended out before powder because as soon as you powder over them, they ain’t going anywhere. Trust me, I’ve made this mistake a few times. Once I feel like I’ve set everything, I’ll take whatever powder is left in the lid with a brush and sweep away any excess that my initial powder left. Then, I’ll set the rest of my face with my NYX Highlighting and Contouring palette using the lightest pink shade. If I feel like my under eye is too dull, I’ll powder in a triangular motion with this powder. Yes, I’m aware that this a very tedious and high maintenance process, but I love it and feel like it gives me the best results. Powdering so much also ensures that my product won’t budge. This concealer doesn’t last as long as the Radiant concealer, but my days are much shorter in the summer so I don’t mind as much. Also, you may be thinking: “Come on Heidi, with that much powder and product under your eyes, you’ve got to have some cake-face creases.” Actually no, the damp sponge takes away any excess product while I’m blending. Then using a damp sponge also helps to give your face a more “natural” or “real” appearance because it does take away most of that powdery look. Also if I had cake-face, I probably know and probably don’t care because it’s my face and my makeup. But, this application does not give me cake-face, I promise.

Overall, this is a really good concealer considering the price. This is amazing for those who aren’t extremely pale, but if you are, really give this a try. It’s also super lightweight which is perfect for the summer. (This is also great for carving out your eyebrows but that’s a whole different post.)

Hope this helped ya’ll! Thank you for reading!

xo- Heidi


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