DIY Hanging Cloud Light

Hey ya’ll, I hope every has been having a good week of classes! Sorry for the late blog post, I’ve just moved into my apartment so things have been a “lil” chaotic, (more than a lil because lets be honest, six girls in one apartment is every bit chaotic.) We’ve been decorating left and right, from living rooms to bedrooms, and back again. If ya’ll want a blog post all about my other decorations, don’t hesitate to ask!

So I’ve seen these cloud lights all around Pinterest and tumblr for a few years now and my roommates and I found a way to do it. It’s actually pretty simple and honestly didn’t take that long. So first things first, supplies. You’ll need:

  1. A paper lantern. IMG_1352
  2. Poly-fil (pillow stuffing)
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Battery operated LED light/lights
  5. String

Step 1: Assemble lantern. I know there are many different kinds of lanterns so your best bet is to get a white one and try to stay on the smaller side. If you go too big the lights might not be able to shine through the lantern and poly-fil.

Step 2: Put lights or light into lantern. Ideally you found a lantern with a bottom, IMG_1358unlike the one we bought. Although it all worked out because the string lights fit well. But you could also get one single LED light to put into the bottom of your lantern.

Step 3: Separate/fluff the poly-fil into thinner and smaller pieces.

Step 4: Hot glue the poly-fil all over. Try to keep IMG_1355the thinnest pieces at the bottom of the lantern to ensure that your lights will shine through. Play around with the shape you want your cloud to be. Poly-fil sticks to its self mostly so it’s easy to create a more “cloud like” oval shape. Make sure to cover all of the lantern.

Step 5: Tie string around lantern and hang from the ceiling. We had to tie three strings and get a little creative with some tape to make sure it stayed. Unfortunately, the only battery operated LED lights we could find at our local craft store, only came in a Christmas light form that required two very large and heavy batteries. We were worried that the battery pack would break through the lantern so we hung the pack from the top of the metal part of the lantern. Hence the reasoning behind three strings. Although, it all worked out in the end, so just use however many strings you need to hang your lantern. IMG_1362Step 6: Admire all of your creativity and hard work and reflect on how crafty you are.



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