25 Best Things About Fall

Ya’ll, fall is just around the corner. Can you believe it? Personally, I am ecstatic for the cold weather to finally blow in. I am so sick and tired of sweating and constantly being hot. So, I’m welcoming fall and the upcoming months of cold weather with open arms. Since I’m so ready for fall, I decided to share what I think are the best things about fall. If you’re not quite as ready for the chilly weather, then hopefully this will get you a little more excited!

  1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes, ain’t nothing wrong with being a lil basic.
  2. You can now wear 90% of your wardrobe: Scarves, boots, jeans, leggings, etc.
  3. Over-sized sweaters. If you’re a part of the itty bitty titty committee, now is your time to go braless. Are you wearing a bra? We don’t know because your boobs are lost in that ocean of fabric.
  4. Not having to shave your armpits as often.
  5. Not having to shave your legs. Guys participate in “No-shave November” whats stopping women? Embrace your leg hair and lose the unrealistic standards for female body hair.
  6. No more deodorant application multiple times during the day.
  7. Walking to class in a comfortable temperature, instead of sweating.
  8. Wearing makeup and not having to worry about it being “sweat proof”, “water proof”, ect.
  9. “Netflix and Chill” can now be “ABC Family 13 nights of Halloween and chill.”
  10. Hot apple cider.
  11. Apple and pumpkin picking!
  12. Haunted houses, what’s not to love about being scared half to death?
  13. I suppose, as a buckeye, I should mention football. So, yay, football!
  14. Limited edition pumpkin spice and other orange flavored foods.
  15. Thanksgiving!
  16. Fuzzy socks
  17. Dark vampy lips, not that you can’t wear those any time of the year but now is the time where most brands release new fall colors.
  18. You can now where all black without getting asked the question: “Aren’t you hot?”
  19. The leaves change to the most beautiful colors. Most see fall as everything dying, but I see fall as natures last chance to burst out dozens of colors to show that there is still beauty in the changing of seasons.
  20. Salted caramel hot cocoa, seriously go get some.
  21. Caramel apples, whether it’s in sucker form or actual fruit form, enjoy!
  22. The way the leaves crunch. I am a sucker for some crunchy leaves.
  23. Halloween candy, candy corn, chocolate, eat it all. Also, don’t forget to hit up the clearance candy the day after!
  24. Crisp air.
  25. Effortless outfits: Leggings, over-sized sweater, boots, and a thrown on scarf.

Enjoy the fall season ya’ll and try something different this year! Thanks for reading!

xo- Heidi


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