Monthly Favorites

September Favorites

Hey y’all, I’m finally back with another ‘favorites’ post. Honestly, I’ve missed writing them; they give me a chance to reflect on the month. I find that it is important because counting my blessings keeps me humble. Anyways, here are the things I’ve been enjoying excessively this month.


  • Merle Norman Liquid Shimmer. My makeup routine has changed quite a bit in these past couple of months. I don’t wear foundation anymore; personally I feel I don’t need it and also I’m lazy. But I have been mixing this in with my moisturizer and I apply it just like foundation. It honestly gives me the perfect glow and it’s so quick and easy. I really recommend trying out a liquid highlighter.
  • Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Lip Stain & Gloss, in the shade “Honeymoon Honey”, man that’s a mouthful. I have never ever been into lip glosses, like ever. I think they’re sticky, my hair always sticks in them, and they never last long enough. This product changed me for good, it’s amazing. It is not sticky whatsoever, it’s long wearing, and it’s hydrating. It’s so quick and easy to throw on, you should give it a try.


  • Vintage Denim Button Front Mini Skirt(similar). I am so, so glad I found this in my mother’s closet. Denim skirts have made such a comeback and I love it. They’re simple and super easy to style. This skirt has definitely been my go-to.
Only pic I have where you could see it full length
Only pic I have where you could see it full length
  • Distressed Black Jean Leggings Express. I think I wore these at least every Monday of this month. They really are perfect “Monday” jeans, not too tight, just the right amount of distress, and they’re bad ass. Express makes amazing jeans. I highly recommend them. They’re having a BOGO on their jeans right now, so it is the perfect time to try them out!
  • Pura Vida bracelets. Y’all, you need these in your life. I cannot get enough of them, my roommate can’t either, and now my apartment mates are hooked. I think I have maybe seven now and I can’t stop purchasing them. I know I need to find my chill. They have a charity page on their site that supports tons of different charities just by buying that bracelet. Also, it allows you to support a charity that means something to you. Check them out y’all.


  • BADLANDS album by Halsey. Omg ya’ll I am obsessed with this album and with Halsey, she is an amazing artist. This album has been on repeat.
  • Fall Spotify Playlist 


T.V Shows

  • America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. This show never gets old and praise the Lord for bringing back Miss Jay, am I right?


  • Astrology. I wouldn’t really say this just pertains to September, because I’ve been into this for a few months now. But September is when I finally started telling people that I enjoy astrology. I’ve always been a little intimidated about what people think when they hear that I believe in astrology. I am a huge advocate for our zodiac signs, and I honestly believe the stars that were aligned during our birth, play a huge factor in our personalities and emotions. I know there are quite a bit of skeptics out there, and yeah of course be skeptical, but hear me out. I believe God created the world, nature, animals etc, and then He created man from dust. From nature. So personally to me, it makes sense that we would in some way be connected to nature. Why couldn’t the stars’ alignment have some contribution to who we are as people? Now, to be clear, I don’t consult the stars or the universe for life guidance or look at them as my creator. I believe that God created me and He has the ultimate say, but I like to remember that He did create the stars and the universe. There is more to astrology than just our sun sign, (Leo, Libra, Scorpio, etc) if you know the time of your birth you can find your natal birth chart that goes into way more detail. See, our sun sign is only responsible for our personalities, hence the generic feel of it all. Our moon sign delves into our emotions and explains why we do the things we do, it gets way more personal. Our Ascendant/Rising explains how we look to the world and what people see when they meet us. Those are just the basics, if you find your natal birth chart it will explain so much more. Cafe Astrology has a free report, if you’re feeling curious, check it out.

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