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So, as y’all know I’ve had a plethora of different colored hair. I went through seven different hair colors in the past year or so now. It’s no secret that I’ve had to bleach my hair numerous times, sometimes even three times in one sitting. To clarify, my mother is an excellent hair stylist and has managed to keep the integrity of my hair intact. This summer, though, I went through too many colors and that required bleaching with every new color. Obviously, that’s very drying and damaging to anyone’s hair. Bleach is no joke and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although now, we’ve made the decision to stay platinum (hopefully I can settle on this one color for awhile) my hair will get back into shape. But a little help is needed.

Here comes Olaplex; I first heard of Olaplex from Guy Tang, he is known for his amazing hair coloring talents. I watched a few of his YouTube videos and he swears by Olaplex, he uses it with every client. I can attest to the powers of Olaplex, honestly it’s amazing.

So first things first: What is Olaplex? Olaplex coins it: “The ORIGINAL chemistry that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds.” It’s a two step system that repairs damaged hair and prevents further breakage. Step one or Number 1 is to be used with the hair color or lightener. Step two or Number two is to be used after hair color or lightener is rinsed out of the hair, apply from roots to ends, leave on for ten plus minutes, rinse or shampoo. It can also be used as a cutting solution, which is what my stylist (my mother) did and I feel like it made a dramatic difference.

Is it worth it? If you lighten and make dramatic changes to your hair often, then yes. If you only highlight your hair every six weeks, then no. This is for hair that is in need of intense treatment, it would be a shame for you to waste your money on something that isn’t going to do much. Now, to be clear this is for professional use only. So, if you’re interested in Olaplex, talk to your stylist. They will know whats up with your hair and decide whether or not Olaplex is the best route for you to take.

Do you need it? Personally, I do need it. The integrity of my hair isn’t the greatest and as someone who is a frequent bleach user, it’s necessary. Like I said above, if you don’t make dramatic changes to your hair, then no. The difference it made in my hair is insane and has me hooked. I can honestly attest to this product being a miracle worker. After I left the salon I noticed that my hair had less breakage, and as a result less frizz; my hair was even healthier. I also use the Number 3 solution, which is a diluted version of what your stylist will use. Number 3 is the retail portion of this product, your stylist should sell this to you after using the first two steps. This particular product isn’t necessary, but it is recommended. It’s to be used once a week in between hair appointments. The directions are pretty clear about using it once it week and how exactly to use it. I find that this replenished my hair, because washing it does tend to dry it out even more. I try to only wash my hair once or twice a week anyways so this works perfectly with my routine. If you feel like your hair is extremely dry and damaged, I say invest in this. It also adds moisture to your hair, which allows you to skip more washes, (shampoo is very drying on hair).

As a quick disclosure, I am in no way a professional hair stylist and cannot guarantee that this product will do for you what it has done for me. I am simply sharing with y’all my personal opinions about this product and how well it has worked for my hair. I highly recommend Olaplex, just keep in mind that my hair is not your hair and vice versa.

I hope this was in anyway helpful for y’all! Talk to your stylist about using Olaplex if you are interested!

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