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November Favorites

Each of us is an island unto himself, in a very real sense; and he can only build bridges to other islands if he is first of all content to be himself and permitted to be himself.

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having an amazing fall! This fall has been full of many, many ups and downs. It has been a confusing, weird, and painful semester. I can honestly say though, that the highs have outweighed the lows. I have made so many memories this month that will last me a lifetime. This all sounds so cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason. Anyways, let’s get on with the favorites.


  • Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in the shades Mia and Peyton: Oddly enough this month has been a low maintenance lip month. Usually, with fall comes dark bold colors but it’s been the opposite for me. I have been going makeup-less more than ever and when I do, I like to throw on a simple gloss just so my lips don’t look dead. I have fully embraced the lip gloss world and I love almost every aspect of it. I will say applying a lip plumping gloss in windy freezing weather is not the best decision, but somehow I keep making that decision.
  • Bare faced: As I said above I have spent more days without makeup this month than I spent with makeup on. For me, my no makeup days include a little mascara, lip gloss, and a comb through my brows. I have been so sleepy in the mornings that I would rather just throw this on and go.
  • e.l.f Studio High Definition Power in Translucent: For the days I have been wearing makeup, this has been my go-to powder. I ran out of my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil and needed a quick and affordable option. I had heard good things about this and it seemed like the good time to try it out. Obviously, I am enjoying it and it really is great quality.


  • Turtlenecks: I love turtlenecks. They are perfect for that in-between weather that Ohio has been experiencing lately. They’re warm enough so I don’t feel like a coat is necessary and they’re perfect for layering up. You can dress these down or you can easily dress them up. I’ve worn mine with tennis sneakers and even ankle boots. All of mine are vintage, but they’re so on-trend, that everywhere is selling them now.


Wow okay I have a lot of new music that I have been obsessed with this month, most of it is a form of indie music.

  • Life as a Dog album by K.Flay: K.Flay is alternative indie, but like the kinda music you listen to in your car super loud when you drive by a lot of people. Especially the song Make me Fade.
  • Urban Flora EP by Alina Baraz: She is described as “downtempo electronica”. This is my favorite album to listen to while studying because it is so chill.
  • Oh Wonder album by Oh Wonder: Y’all this album is life. I love this band, I love their songs, I love their lyrics. Julia described it as “the perfect music to lay in open field with the sun shining right on you.” Who doesn’t want that feeling? Honestly, this album makes me feel understood. Music is powerful and I love when every song on an album gets me. Each one is better than the last. They’re an indie pop band and I cannot wait to hear more of their music in the future.
  • Run Away by the Clubhouse: This band is from my hometown Pataskala, Ohio; they are honestly so good. Their newest single, Run Away, is catchy and has a really good beat. I love listening to “undiscovered” artists and I love promoting them even more. So I highly recommend giving them a listen.
  • Oceans by Lauren Sanderson: Another local artist that deserves way more exposure. Especially this song.
  • drive playlist: I prefer to listen to full albums all the way through. I love learning a whole album by constantly listening to it. But there are times, especially when driving with friends, that I like to throw on a playlist that has a little bit for everyone. This will be a playlist that I’ll be changing up regularly because I want it to stay current and updated.


  • I visited a few local coffee shops this month and I fell in love with mochas made with soy or almond milk. I’m lactose intolerant so it’s usually pretty hard for me to find dairy-free options. Which is why I’m always so partial to Starbucks, because I know they have what I like. But I am glad I got the chance to branch out and try different drinks. I encourage y’all to give your local coffee shop a chance!
  • Blonde roast coffee. I found my brew y’all. A friend of mine bought a bag from Staufs and he didn’t like it very much, so he gave it to me. If you like your coffee mild and smooth, blonde roast is a good choice. I love Starbucks’ iced coffee but their hot coffee, Pikes Place, is too strong and bitter for me. I usually get their blonde roast in a pour over because they almost never have it brewed. I will say I like Staufs blonde roast a lot better, its heavenly. Especially paired with Silk’s Almond Vanilla Creamer. Another perk of blonde roast is that it has almost double the amount of caffeine as regular brews and I’m all about staying caffeinated.
  • Trader Joe’s Toasted Coconut Pancake Mix: y’all these are perfect for quick pancakes. Especially for our small kitchenette, we don’t have the space to make batter from scratch.  You literally just add water and you have pancake batter, it’s amazing. Julia and I usually have these every Saturday with our coffee. I’ve been adding mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and slicing up some fresh strawberries to throw on top.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset
Fox in the Snow Cafe Columbus, OH
Wiggin Street Coffee Gambier, OH




  • I found my fam. I have been struggling with the fact that I didn’t have a friend group. Don’t get me wrong, I love my very closest friends, I love them so so much. But Julia and I didn’t have a friend group or a “home base.” College is a transitional time and friends are bound to change. Positive vibes are important to us and we feel we have to be around people who will love us unconditionally and support us no matter what. I have never really had a solid friend group, but I can confidently say that I have six people here on campus that I can without a doubt call if I need them. They are my family, my people, my heart. They bring me joy and happiness, and that is something that y’all know I struggle with. There will be sadness in the midst of this current happiness but I won’t have to deal with it alone. I have made a solid foundation in these friendships. I just want y’all to know that sometimes we have to go through pain to get to the joy. It’s important to pick people who will suffer and heal right along with you.
  • Carl Rogers: This may be one of my most random favorites but he is something that has made a huge impact in my life. In my Psychology of Personality class we started studying Humanistic psych, and Carl Rogers is one of the most well-known. His theories make sense and his writing is incredible. Majority of humanistic psychologists focus on Positive Psychology; they focus on what is right in a person instead of what is wrong. They don’t try to “fix” so much as they try to build up the positive aspects in a person. Anyway, we had to read an article by Rogers titled: What Understanding and Acceptance Mean to Me. I won’t go into exact specifics but I will share a few quotes that have helped me tremendously. “In my relationships with persons I have found that it does not help, in the long run, to act as though I were something that I am not.” He goes on to explain that it doesn’t help in relationships to maintain a facade; to act in one way on the surface when I am experiencing something quite different underneath. This is big for me because I am all about saving face and trying to look calm and confident at all times. When really I am a giant ball of anxiety all of the time. I am constantly second guessing myself and worrying about what my friends think of me. I try to remain strong even when I am weak because I want to support them at all times. Since reading Rogers’ quote I have told my friends that I want to be more honest with them. I told them my fears and how I truly feel on the inside. It has only made our friendship flourish. Another quote that really hit home with me is, “Each of us is an island unto himself, in a very real sense; and he can only build bridges to other islands if he is first of all content to be himself and permitted to be himself.” I love everything about this quote. It sums up everything I have needed to do for quite sometime. I clearly struggled with building bridges to other islands, and that came from being dishonest with how I was truly feeling. I really encourage y’all to be more honest and open in your relationships. If you are struggling, tell them. If you love them, tell them. If you are unhappy, tell them. If you’re happy, tell them. Tell them everything because it can only make the friendship grow in a positive direction.

I hope you guys are happy or are on your way to find happiness. I truly, truly do. WINTER IS COMING! So let’s get excited for snow and the holidays!

xo- Heidi


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