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Climb High

Hey y’all! According to the infamous groundhog, we were supposed to get an early spring. But winter storm Olympia has made it near impossible to believe in the groundhog’s prediction. I don’t entirely mind the winter, though I am sick of losing feeling in my toes every time I step outside. But winter skies make for beautiful pictures and the skeleton trees manage to hold the snow in a breathtaking way. I went out on a few adventures over the weekend and the cold was totally worth it. I saw sights that I never thought I would see. I easily forget how beautiful earth is. It felt good (in an appreciative way because it was like 10 degrees lol) to go outside and contemplate.

Saturday, I went to a church in my town, not going to give details about where exactly because it may or may not have been illegal, we climbed to the top of the bell tower which overlooks the entire town. It was foggy and perfect and I could just barely see the sun peaking out of the clouds. I climbed lots of ladders and nearly froze my fingers off but, again, it was worth it.


Sunday was very spontaneous for me. As most of y’all know, I have generalized anxiety and doing things that aren’t planned is probably one of my worst nightmares. But I did something that last year, (heck even last week) I never would have thought I could do. It may seem super little to most of y’all to just get in the car with friends last minute and drive to a frozen waterfall, but for me it was huge. I’m proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and nudging my anxiety away a little further. Especially because I planned on spending my Valentine’s Day reading my favorite poetry book curled up in bed.  Anyways, I went to a frozen waterfall outside of Columbus and got to see so much beauty. It was unreal. I climbed the side of cliff and y’all, I am not a climber. At least not in the winter with the rocks covered in snow and ice. But I did it and it was great. Although my abs and shoulders are definitely paying for it.


I want to encourage y’all to go out and explore your state. See the city you live in from a different view and explore some off path trails. It’ll be worth the freezing temperatures for the sights and memories you’ll make.

xo- Heidi


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