Spring makeup

Spring makeup


Hey y’all! It’s weird to be typing up a spring makeup routine because honestly, Ohio has not felt like spring. This past weekend we had a random blizzard. I’m so confused with our weather, I can’t keep up. But like I mentioned in my last post, I gave up dressing for the weather and I’m now dressing for spring, because I’m ready to embrace the new trends. One my favorite ways to bring on the spring vibes is through peachy makeup. I embrace all of the glow, not that I don’t do that in the winter months, because lets get real, I’m always covered in highlighter. But now it’s acceptable because nearly everyone is dousing themselves in the glow. I’m a huge fan obviously. Anyways, I really love this look for spring because it’s so fresh and glowy.

Per usual, I begin with my skin care routine, read my March Favorites to see what products I use!

  1. I mentioned way back in my September Favorites that I stopped wearing foundation. I mix a liquid highlighter with a daily moisturizer and apply that with my foundation brush. I love the way this looks and feels because it’s so moisturizing. I don’t have to worry about my foundation breaking up because of my oily skin, or touching my face in fear of my foundation coming off, or having my glasses rub off my foundation. It’s honestly the only low maintenance part of my routine.
  2. I will go in with concealer to cover blemishes but I don’t apply it under my eyes. It’s too much work and I haven’t found one that doesn’t dry me out. I’m not sure what’s been going on with my skin, but it’s not as oily as it used to be. So I’m still trying to figure out what products work best with my skin.
  3. After I conceal, I go right into my eye shadow. I don’t set my face immediately after I apply my “foundation” and concealer, I try to give it time to soak into my skin. This primer, Y’ALL. My roommate Kat, gave this to me brand new because she got in her Birch Box and doesn’t use eye shadow anymore, so she passed it on. I was having SUCH a hard using the coveted Morphie shadows. They were creasing like crazy, like within hours of application. I was using my MAC paint pot, that didn’t work. So I tried my NARS concealer, still didn’t work. My two friends Jen and Sarah have this palette and they weren’t having any issues with these shadows creasing, so I just accepted that it was my eyes and I’d have to live with it. Well I told Kat this and she happened to bless me with the best eye primer in existence. Seriously this stuff doesn’t budge. I even have a tough time getting this off at the end of the day, but it’s totally worth it. After I apply a thin layer, I set it with the white shade in the Morphe 350 palette to help blend out my other shadows.
  4. I have a dilemma y’all. In addition the Morphe shadows, I also use these two BareMineral shades but they’re discontinued. I tried finding them online but they’re only on Ebay, which is sketch. I have two shades that are fairly similar and will do basically the same thing. The shade Nector from the Lorac PRO palette 2  is a good match to the BareMinerals shadow. I apply that into my crease, sorta sloppily. I then go in with a mixture of Morphe shades, (they don’t have names or numbers) located in the last right hand column, the very first three in that column, they’re all matte. They’re the orange, peach, and red shades, you really can’t miss them. I use them VERY lightly and blend them until my eye and hand hurts. I apply them in my crease, onto my lid, and under my eye. The first shade that I laid in my crease helps diffuse the pigment of the Morphe shadows to keep it very peachy feeling. After that I go in with the other unavailable BareMinerals shade but a dupe for that would be the shade Champagne Truffle from the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette. The chocolate bar shade is little too pink but it’ll still create the same affect. I use this in my inner corner and blend it slightly onto my lid and under my inner tear duct.
  5. Next, I curl my lashes and tight line. Tight lining is one of my favorite steps. It adds so much volume and honestly completes my eye look. The Marc Jacobs liner I use came as free sample from Sephora, it was a 100 point perk and I honestly would never purchase it because I can get it for free (I’m cheap). It’s an amazing eyeliner, it lasts all day and doesn’t transfer. I’ve also noticed that it doesn’t run as easily as some of my other liners. My eyes are always leaking, like their constant state is watery, so I need a budge proof liner. This one is great.
  6. Mascara. I love this mascara, I’ve been using it for awhile now. I’ve repurchased about three tubes of this mascara, so I know what the wand should look like. The latest tube I bought has a different wand, so I’m not sure what happened. I thought I’d warn y’all that while it’s a great mascara, it’s not super reliable. At least the wand isn’t. Nonetheless, it’s a great mascara formula and really adds length to my lashes.
  7. Now, I set my face with ELF HD studio finish powder or BareMinerals Mineral Veil. I prefer the mineral veil, because it’s not as drying.
  8. Bronzer, highlighter, blush. This NAKED Flushed palette is the perfect combo of peachy shades. I go in with the bronzer, then highlight, and then add the blush. I prefer to do highlight before blush because the blush blends easier. I then add another five layers of various highlighters to get my desired glow. Honestly, I can never have too much highlighter.
  9. As I mentioned in my March Favorites, the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer is everything. I can’t see myself using any other product to fill in my brows. The more I use it, the more I fall in love with it.
  10. This NYX lipstick is probably my holy grail peach shade. I love it and I can’t stop using it, especially in the warmer months.

I hope y’all have a good week!

xo- Heidi

P.S Check out my Prom series I did last year to find the best prom makeup!


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