2016 Summer Date Night Look Book

Hey y’all! I realize this is a little early to be considered a “summer” look book, but you can easily throw a light jacket on if it’s still chilly where you live. (OR, you can drape. Lustrelux fans y’all know what I’m talking about). Ohio is getting hot pretty quickly so I want to wear as little clothing as society deems possible. Anyways, here are a few looks I’ve thrown together, they’re easy, practical, and perfect for summer days or nights. (Click each image for outfit details).


My personal favorite! This is so laid back yet put together. I’ve been loving the two piece trend lately and I think a lot of people could rock this look.

Summer date


I know what y’all are probably thinking about mixing orange and blue together; but honestly, when done right, it can make an entire look. Complimentary colors are the easiest way to pull a look together. The white really balances the colors out, especially if you’re still a lil nervous to try color. I chose a tan bag to ground the outfit and make it easier to wear.

Summer date 2


This dress is perfect for those who can get away without wearing a bra, just know I’m super envious of y’all. Slap some pasty’s on and call it a day. If you’re like me and absolutely need a bra, I’d suggest a cute lacy bralette with an interesting back. Something to really highlight the backless dress. Personally, I think backless dresses are so sexy and subtle that they really can make an impact.

Summer date 3


I’m really feeling these 70’s vibes. I never thought I would get on trend with them, but here I am wearing platform shoes and loving it. This dress is so simple, yet because it has the right silhouette, it makes for the perfect statement shoe.

Summer date 4


I hope y’all gained some inspo!



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