Summer Shots and Spontaneity

Hey y’all! I’ll be honest, I am definitely lacking in the inspiration department. I’m not sure what’s going on, (it could be that PokemonGo is taking over my life) but I wanted to post something. So last weekend, my best friend and I walked around the Short North in Columbus and took some photos. We actually started in German Village and worked our way towards the Short North. Anyways, we started at Stauf’s coffee, because duh. Then went to the Book Loft, which is a book lover’s dream!  (All photos taken by Jen Kasson)


After some coffee, we headed to our favorite bakey, Pistacia Vera. If you’re ever in the Columbus area, I highly recommend this place. Especially their macarons! So good!


After that, we wanted to head up to the Short North to see what nice shooting locations they had to offer, and we were not disappointed. While walking around, we found this awesome vintage shop, called Smartypants Vintage. It was so organized and had genuine pieces that were priced decently. I really loved the feel of the shop, I even bought an amazing denim skirt for only 20 bucks!


Thanks for reading y’all! I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer!

x0- Heidi


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