Artist Collab

Hey y’all! About a month ago I did a collaboration with two insanely talented people, and I wanted to share the process and results with y’all.

It’s clear that makeup has always been something I love. It’s a hobby, and I truly appreciate the art form. This low-key obsession began during my high school years. I spent countless hours watching YouTube tutorials and when I’d get home from school, I’d take my makeup off and recreate a tutorial look. It’s really how I developed a basic set of skills and love for makeup. I do remember feeling alone in my makeup love. None of my friends in high school loved makeup or watched YouTube videos as much as I did. But then one day all of my makeup dreams came true and I bonded with my friend Nerissa, from work. It was a really great feeling being able to talk about makeup and YouTube with someone who shared the same love. It sounds silly, I totally get that. But now  a lot of high schoolers are getting more and more into makeup. I think makeup and YouTube have spiked in their popularity over the years. I used to be a little embarrassed to admit that I watched beauty gurus as much as I did, but now it’s totally common. So anyways, with that background out of the way, I’ll get on to introducing this collab.

Nerissa or (@nerissamakeup) has grown her makeup instagram to ~24,700 followers in just about two years (two years exactly in October). I’ve followed her journey and I am incredibly proud and blessed to call this talented woman my friend. Her work isn’t strictly glam, she loves the special FX side to makeup and truly flourishes in this area. She uses makeup as an art form and honestly each look she creates is a work of art. Anyways, I approached her about collaborating on a look and she created a two part fairy look. My friend Spencer (spencerlphoto) captured these two amazing looks and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out.


The first look was a very ethereal fairy. It was privilege to model for her look and she made me feel magical. Like I said above, Nerissa flourishes in the special FX department and she truly outdid herself. For the second look things took a dark turn.


Like any ethereal fairy, luring guys in is their strong suit. But unlike most fairies, this one had to eat his heart out, because (fight the patriarchy), not really but still. She made this anatomically correct heart out of gelatin and covered it (and me) in fake blood. Modeling like this isn’t something that I’ve done before, so I’m not going to say it was a piece of cake (or heart lol). It was challenging, but in the best way possible. Here’s some more pictures and please go check both Nerissa’s and Spencer’s work!


Thanks for reading!

xo- Heidi


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