2016 Fall Date Night Lookbook

Hey y’all! I am so sorry for the two weeks of silence. I had midterms last week and I honestly couldn’t afford the mental energy to post a blog. Thank goodness for fall break because it’s the only reason I’m able to post tonight. I created a fall date night lookbook and it was really cathartic. Outfit collages, while tedious and time consuming, are a creative process for me. I really enjoy putting them together, but they take so much time that I don’t frequently create them. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy! (Don’t forget to click each image for outfit details.)

Look o n e – I love the casual, yet sexy, vibe from this look. The cardigan grounds the look with the thick cable knit and creates a sort of “oh this ol thing” feel. I chose a shoe with a thicker sole to create a sense of sturdiness. Top it off with some lashes or glasses and you’re good to go!

fall date 16
Look t w o – I wanted to go for something that’s a little easier to work with. I love love love pairing oranges and blues together. Especially a rich denim with a red/orange, ugh it looks so good. Honestly, to really make this look causal, you could easily throw on some white converse and be ready to go. However, I wanted to spice up the denim a lil bit, so adding the simple structured flats really pulled the look together.
fall date 16x2

Look t h r e e – This look is my favorite, it’s so daring but it all works together seamlessly. I realize it’s a little “riskay”, but I fell in love with this lace body piece and I couldn’t resist. The color block cardigan, again like look one, brings the look back down a notch. The highwaisted destroyed jeans add the perfect material to the lace and cardigan. I gave two shoe options because I really am obsessed with these cat pointe shoes, but the heals do bring back that touch of sexiness.

fall date 16x3

Look f o u r – Two piece sets are so freaking easy to throw on, but look so put together. They’re functional and require little to no matching. I love the burgundy boyfriend style coat paired with the form fitting two piece, it creates a sense of balance to the look. Booties didn’t feel quite right, so I opted for a loafer instead. Something about long coats and loafers look so perfect. A thick black scarf is great with this look because it’s obviously October weather outside and we need some warmth. A deep burgundy lip really ties the whole look together.

fall date 16x4


Thanks for reading y’all!

x0- Heidi


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