Monthly Favorites

January Favorites

Hey y’all! I’ve done it. I’ve completed a full year of favorites posts, this is cool, major key. It’s fifty degrees so it’s really hard for me to “enjoy” winter because it really hasn’t felt quite like winter. However, I’m definitely not complaining, this is amazing. Anyways, here’s the shit that I’ve been using all month.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone– I like this product and I use it every day but I can’t say that I really love it. I use this as basically a primer all over my face and I find that it has more of a glittery/sparkly vibe to it. It’s strange because it doesn’t always look natural but since I use it under my foundation, I don’t mind that much. I will say that this does not blend well over foundation at all. If I try to use this on top of any base product it instantly separates and looks like I played myself. It also doesn’t do anything when I mix it in with my foundation, like literally nothing. So this is kinda hit or miss product for me.

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation– I mean they honestly had me a glow and I didn’t need any more convincing. I really like this, but I’m not sure if I only like it because my foundation standards aren’t that high because I didn’t wear foundation for over a year or because it’s actually a good product. I’ve heard a lot of other people say great things about this, though, so that’s promising. However, they claim that it’s “up to 24 hours of foundation” and I can say that I have worn this for a solid 22 (ish) hours and it did not look that great by the end of my night. It had broken up on my oily areas, sides of nose, chin, nose in general (always been a problem area for me). So I think if you have more dry skin then you’ll probably be okay on the longevity factor. It also doesn’t really hold up well when I try to touch up with powder throughout the day. Like I said I like it, but I’m not sure if I would recommend this to everyone.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial– These have been all over social media since they made their debut this past summer. I couldn’t go on any social media site without being flooded with images of these things and how badly I needed them. So I’m here to say that the hype was right. These are in fact life changing and you probably need them if you want space to see your highlight.

Here’s how I use them:

  • I mix in a drop or two (more likely three tbh)  with my foundation. I use a mixing palette for this so I don’t waste product on the back of my hand, super helpful. If you don’t have a mixing palette, you can literally use any hard sanitary surface, a C.D. case, actual C.D’s, anything that can be easily cleaned off.
  • Then I apply my mixture with my beauty blender all over and at this point, I’ve added three products that are “glow enhancing” so I really don’t know which one is to thank exactly.
  • I then add this to the tops of my cheekbones before setting my foundation. I just put a couple on my mixing palette, use my middle finger, and tap on my cheekbones and cupids bow. I’ll go over this with my beauty blender just to make sure it’s blended completely. On the Sephora site it says you can add it after powder, but I haven’t tried it and I don’t really wanna risk it.

Eylure x Nicole Guerriero in #onefourthree– I wore these lashes so much this month that I already had to get a second pair because I wore out my first one so quickly. These are so freaking good if you can get your hands on them. They’re only sold at Walgreens and usually, they’re sold out which is extremely frustrating. But I mostly love these because I don’t have to trim them down at all. They’re small enough that they fit eye my perfectly, it’s amazing. Also they’re only like nine bucks which is impressive for the quality of these lashes.


So uh I’m gonna be completely honest and admit that I’ve been wearing athleisure all month long. But here are my key pieces that I feel really made my outfits this month.

H&M graoutfit (joggers, cropped hoodie)- Obviously I’m pairing this with my beige nike air max’s because duh. But honestly, sweat suits are so freaking easy. I don’t have to think, everything already matches and I know it looks good.

Forever 21 Men’s bomber– This jacket is veeeerry similar but not quite exactly like the one I have. I literally searched every store looking for a bomber jacket that matched what I needed. After my third time back in forever21, I re-realized that clothes don’t have a gender and there is nothing preventing me from looking in the men’s section. So that’s what I did and I walked out with my favorite jacket. This pairs so nicely with pretty much everything I own and matches my aesthetic quite well.

Men’s Longline long sleeve Tees- (distressed baby pink, khaki) These are super easy to throw on over leggings or distressed jeans. I love the longline tee because it covers my butt so it keeps it warm and I also like the way it looks hanging out of my bomber. Men’s clothes are also just super cozy and usually cheaper.


winter playlist– I somehow randomly got into rap music so I don’t really know what’s going on with me.

To Read

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck: A counterintuitive approach to live a good life by Mark Manson- Okay so I realize that the title is ya know, out there, but it’s the best way to describe the book. I’ve read my plethora of “self-help” books and they’ve never really clicked that well with me. I couldn’t get into the whole self-empowerment movement because if I’m being honest, we all kinda suck. We suck at relationships, we suck at listening, we suck at loving, and we suck at being kind. But also we can be really awesome. We can have really awesome relationships, two-way conversations, loving interactions, and spread kindness. But I can’t believe in thinking we’re awesome all of the time, will make us happier because we are going to fail and we’re going to be wrong. This book brought a realistic and logical view to how we handle life. Here’s what the author says is the purpose of this book:

This book will not teach you how to gain or achieve, but rather how to lose and let go. It will teach you to take inventory of your life and scrub out all but the most important items. It will teach you to close your eyes and trust that you can fall backwards and still be okay. It will teach you to give fewer fucks. It will teach you to not try.

To Watch

Dishonesty, The Truth about Lies– A behavioral scientist basically breaks down how we lie, reasons we lie, and how common place it actually is. My roommate Kat and I watched this together and we were both shocked at how good it was. It had been on my list for awhile and I’m extremely glad I finally watched it. It was very informative but also crazy interesting because lying is almost contagious. I highly recommend this.


Scream Queens– Yes I realize this is trash tv. There is nothing intellectually stimulating from this show, but ya know I kinda don’t care. Sometimes I just want to watch a trash show to laugh at the stupidity. Also, Ryan Murphy (producer of American Horror Story) created this show so like I can’t entirely hate it. But the show is self-aware, they know they’re idiots and they play on that. It’s funny pls watch. Also here’s my favorite quotes from Chad Radwell:  “Look, Chanel, I’m a psychology major, so I’m gonna break this down into terms that you’ll understand.”
Okay, I know you’re not a psych major, so you’re not gonna really process what I’m telling you right now, but what you just said is literally pathological.”

Positive quotes!

“Pay close attention to the people who don’t clap when you win.”

“This generation is so intelligent. They care about racism, feminism, ableism, and that’s such a positive mentality, but they need to leave room for forgiveness. Nobody is perfect and people are educating themselves at different paces. So be mindful.” –Halsey for CR Fashion Book 
“When I look at myself, I see everything in slow motion and think: Something has to happen. Only, it never does. So I have to make it happen.” -My So Called Life 
“I appreciate effort. No matter how small, silly or irrelevant, I appreciate effort.” -Billy Chapata
Thanks for reading y’all! Have a good February and stay moisturized.

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