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Help Me Get to Ukraine

Wow, hi y’all. “Sorry” does not suffice for the silence I’ve left you all with. But I am sincerely sorry for not posting and further, not updating at all. I’m embarrassed by my lack of commitment towards my blog. I’ll explain more detail in a later blog post, I promise, but right now I need your help.

I’ve been invited on a missions trip to Ukraine to serve others and it’s an insane opportunity. If it wasn’t obvious by my lack of posts, my anxiety and depression are at an all time high currently. However, many people have recommended that focusing on others can benefit mental health. To be clear, I’m not going on this trip to make myself feel better, it’s only an added bonus. But I’m pretty desperate when it comes to feeling better mentally. Y’all know I’m a full time student whose funds are practically non-existent, so coming up with the money for this trip has been a struggle. Y’all also know how much I hate asking for help, but I’ve said before that no one should be embarrassed to ask for help. So for once, I’m taking my own advice and asking for y’all’s help (also i hate that i used ‘y’all’s’ lmao). The link to my fundraiser is down below, you can donate as much or as little as you can. Honestly, any little bit will help. I appreciate you all for sticking with me through my shit.

xo- Heidi


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