Let's Get Serious


IT WILL GET BETTER. those flashes of images in your head of you laughing with friends are not lies. they are the moments you should live for, they will be real. hold on to your happy self, the laughing one, it’s real. hold on to your contemplative self, the one you picture looking out the window of a moving vehicle, its real. hold on to your future self, it is real. the pain right now is giving you flashes of what to expect, its future you, wanting you to know how worth it everything will be. it’s future you showing you what happiness will be like. don’t brush these images off as your own unattainable fantasy, it is real. nothing is out of your power, i promise you. just listen to yourself. they will not happen instantly, you must focus on the images you see of yourself, happy, alive, full of love. notice they come up when times are the darkest, when the plan has been formed, when you think that you cannot handle this, when this becomes too much, you will see, vaguely, images of you smiling laughing, but its not past you, you’re not younger, you’re just you, but happy. most importantly, they are pictures of you alive. your life here is precious, you are here because you wanted to be here, your life is not an accident or an exception, you are real and so are the moments that are worth living for. do not listen to the darkness any longer, it wants to keep you down, unhappy, closer to it than light. find your light, i promise you that it is inside of you, listen to it.

these are the moments i waited for

these are the moments i stayed alive for

these are the moments that kept me alive




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