I started this blog in December of 2014, my freshman year of college. I wanted to mainly share my personal makeup tips, but I also craved an outlet for my never ending existential dread. My hope, or goal, is that through the exposure of my sufferings, others will be able to relate. I truly want to give a voice to my anxiety, depression, and ADD. I believe that we all crave human connection to some degree and I hope that through my vulnerability, others will feel connected, listened to, and understood. I’m not entirely sure how makeup, fashion, and young adult novels fit into this scenario, but they make me happy and I hope that some lightness here and there makes life a lil easier.


I felt it important to leave my previous “about” because it described what this blog was to me at one point. Thankfully, this blog no longer aims to give voice to the negative experiences and feelings. I mistakenly identified my personhood with anxiety, depression, and ADD. I chose to let these things dominate my life experience and they became my excuse for suffering. I took myself and life too seriously and it is only in the freedom of choice that I have found well-being. Now, this blog doesn’t aim to do anything other than be. I do not wish to categorize or label myself into a box of expectations but instead write posts out of pure inspiration. This blog is for me but it’s also for you. Let this serve as an example for hope–feelings of existential dread CAN and HAVE been replaced with feelings of peace and joy. Life is fun– this world is our playground, the moment is now. Living in the present is dope and it sparks the best ideas in me and in all of us, so please, when you FEEL like it, share your thoughts! We are conversating beings– this is not intended to be a one sided conversation!

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Photo by: Gerod Harder
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